Custom Sheeting
Services Since 1970

Fishers Paperboard specializes in Custom Paperboard Converting.

We know that the “standard” sheet size that is so common in the industry today is often not the ideal size for most jobs, because not every job is the same.

We carry large paperboard rolls in a variety of widths, up to 52.5”, of some the best quality substrates available. Our sheeter transforms these rolls into large sheets, up to 80” long and our guillotine cutters can trim or cut to create virtually any size sheet you require. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

There are many benefits of custom sheeting from our master rolls. Custom sheeting is an effective way to maximize the sheets print area and reduce trim waste, resulting in reduced cost.

Currently, we can accommodate a maximum sheet size of 52.5" x 80".

Our custom sheets are palletized and will arrive to you press-ready so you can start production and increase efficiencies.

All of our converting is handled in-house at our facility in Coquitlam, BC. At Fishers Paperboard, we’re real people who care greatly about your end result.  You'll work with an experienced team who will oversee your order from start to finish.  Our warehouse staff carefully inspect each order to ensure exact measurements and flawless execution of the tiniest details.

We do offer standard sheet sizes but why not reduce your costs by custom sheeting to get the optimal master sheet size for your project? Save money and save time with Fishers Paperboard Sheeting Services.

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