High-Quality Chipboard
Supplier Since 1970

Chipboard has incredible versatility and is used in a wide range of industries.

This strong Kraft-colored paperboard is made of 100% recycled materials that have been pressed together into a durable sheet. Thicker calipers consist of multiple sheets laminated together for a stronger board.

Chipboard is used in a number of applications including printing, furniture making, book and binder manufacturing, food and beverage, and packaging.

We offer Chipboard in .015" - .090" calipers.


Typical Applications

  • layer pads
  • skid liners
  • slip sheets
  • padding board
  • folding cartons
  • set up boxes
  • consumer and industrial packaging
  • sleeves and dividers
  • signage and displays
  • corner boards and edge protectors
  • game boards
  • books, scrapbook, stationery items
  • bulletin boards
  • picture frames
  • industrial spacers
  • furniture and furnishings

Specifications (Units)

Caliper .015 .018 .023 .030 .040 .045 .060 .090
Kraft Coloured
Made from 100% recycled paper
100% Recyclable
.045, .060, and .090 are laminated
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