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C-flute is the most widely used flute size. It is commonly used for shipping cases. Often used for packaging glass products, dairy products, and furniture, C-flute offers good crushing resistance, good stacking strength, and highly acceptable printing properties. It is very common - roughly 80% of corrugated containers are made of C-flute board.

Single wall or C-flute corrugated is designed using just one layer of fluting. This is most commonly used for shipping in the e-commerce industry, and for good reason. Single wall corrugated is economical, and they provide the cushioned protection and rigidity that is necessary in a shipping container.

White one-sided is recommended for shipping artwork. It is also used to mount posters for display. The clean, white finish on one side makes for a more attractive presentation.

Double Wall - is created by using two layers of fluting instead of just one. The layers are usually different sizes to combine the benefits of various flute types. Double wall boxes feature 5-ply construction which provides a great deal of strength. This makes them an ideal choice for heavier items and products that require a greater deal of protection than what a single wall box can provide. Because they are more rigid, double wall boxes are also a better choice than single for long-term storage.

Typical Applications

  • Cosmetic & Health Packages
  • Dry Food Packaging
  • Exhibits
  • Movie Backdrops
  • Padding
  • Palletizing & Storage
  • Picture Frames
  • Slipsheets

Specifications (Units)

Flute Available in:
Single Wall C Flute Kraft and 1/S White
Double Wall BC Flute Kraft
Made almost 100% of post consumer fibres
100% recyclable
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