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  • Our C1S-Candesce delivers unparalleled performance and outstanding print-ability.

    C1S-Candesce is a folding carton or boxboard made from 100% virgin fibers that delivers outstanding value. It has incredible run-to-run consistency and an ultra-smooth surface. The superior run-to-run consistency allows C1S-Candesce to be your plant's workhorse, providing maximum throughput on your floor.

    The ultra-smooth clay-coated surface lets you create graphics that bring customers in for a closer look while the uniform ink absorption makes printed images look richer with greater depth. The blue-white shade provides the perfect choice for any color palette, including skin tones.

    Ideal applications include specialty & custom folding carton packages and sleeve packaging. 

    Candesce is also OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) free which makes it very safe for indirect and direct food packaging.


    Typical Applications

    • Pharmaceutical packaging
    • Health and beauty aid packaging
    • Dry and frozen food packaging
    • Cosmetic packaging
    • Medical device packaging
    • Alcohol packaging
    • Point of purchase displays
    • Heat set web offset applications

    Specifications (Units)

    Caliper Mils .012 .016 .018 .024
    Basis Weight lbs/3msf 143 182 199 250
    Brightness GE 89 89 89 89
    Coated b* Color Spectro 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0
    Smoothness (Primary Side) Sheffield 12 17 17 21
    Parker Print microns 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
    Plybond lbs/in² 56 44 41 41
    Stiffness - MD Taber g-cm 78 165 223 483
    Stiffness - CD Taber g-cm 38 83 115 236
  • For high-end graphics and branding, C2S-Ancora is unparalleled.

    The two-sided, clay-coated bleached C2S-Ancora is the folding carton or boxboard that provides the ultimate in side-to-side consistency. This results in bold, crisp images for direct printing. The ultra-smooth print surface and fiber strength are designed to hold up to your most demanding and advanced print jobs. Value added print techniques such as varnishing treatments, foil stamping and embossing are all a breeze. C2S-Ancora was designed to maximize your printed impact.

    C2S-Ancora is used in the folding carton industry, and is often used specifically for food packaging due to it being OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) free. It also is a great choice for brochures, displays and digital printing. We offer .016" and .024" calipers.

    Typical Applications

    • Brochures
    • Direct Mailers
    • Point of Purchase displays
    • Presentation folders
    • Dry and frozen food packaging
    • Luxury merchandise packaging
    • Digital printing

    Specifications (Units)

    Caliper Mils .016 .024
    Basis Weight lbs/3msf 203 286
    Brightness GE 90 90
    Coated b* Color Spectro 1.0 1.0
    Smoothness (Primary Side) Sheffield 11 16
    Parker Print microns 1.3 1.2
    Plybond lbs/in² 48 48
    Stiffness - MD Taber g-cm 185 520
    Stiffness - CD Taber g-cm 100 275
  • Chipboard is a 100% recyclable product with incredible versatility and is used in a wide range of industries.

    Our chipboard is a strong kraft-colored paperboard made from 100% recycled materials that have been pressed together into a durable sheet.

    We carry chipboard in calipers ranging from .015” up to .090” thickness.

    Our .015”, .018”, and .023” chipboard sheets are converted in-house. We stock various roll widths in these calipers (up to 48” wide) and can produce custom sheet sizes. We also stock standard sheet sizes in our warehouse.

    These thinner chipboard sheets are used in many day-to-day applications, from folding carton for food and beverage suppliers, to slip sheets or skid liners for co-packers and food processers. Our ability to customize to your exact specifications is what sets us apart from the competition. There are many benefits of using a custom sheet size for your job or project. It is the most effective way to maximize the sheets print area, which reduces trim waste, resulting in reduced cost. Currently, we can accommodate a maximum chipboard sheet size of 48 x 80”.

    Whether you are ordering from our list of stock sheet sizes or having a custom size produced, your order will be palletized and arrive to you press-ready.

    The thicker calipers, .045”, .060” and .090”, consist of multiple sheets that are laminated or pasted together. These chipboard sheets are known for being very rigid and strong because of the lamination process.

    Our .060” chipboard is commonly used to make panels for the furniture manufacturing industry. Our experienced technicians can produce custom pieces of board with straight or angled cuts, to your exact measurements using our guillotine cutters.

    Chipboard is also used many more applications including signage and display, book and binder manufacturing, protective packaging, industrial spacers, backings for picture frames, templates for kitchen/bathroom counters, puzzles, and gameboards just to name a few.

    Typical Applications

    • layer pads
    • skid liners
    • slip sheets
    • padding board
    • folding cartons
    • set up boxes
    • consumer and industrial packaging
    • sleeves and dividers
    • signage and displays
    • corner boards and edge protectors
    • game boards
    • books, scrapbook, stationery items
    • bulletin boards
    • picture frames
    • industrial spacers
    • furniture and furnishings

    Specifications (Units)

    Caliper .015 .018 .023 .030 .040 .045 .060 .090
      Kraft Coloured
      Made from 100% recycled paper
      100% Recyclable
      .045, .060, and .090 are laminated


  • A special water-repellent paperboard used for beverage cartons, liquid packaging and outdoor signage.

    As the name suggests, this folding carton or boxboard is designed specifically for short-term storage of liquids and for outdoor displays that need to resist weather. Because it is a paperboard, it comes in sheets for easy storage of the raw material which can then be folded. The paperboard itself consists of a blend of softwood and hardwood fibers which make it ideal for folding into boxes and holding its shape while also providing a great surface for printing. Quick set inks are strongly recommended.

    We offer Aquapel in .024" caliper.

    Typical Applications

    • Dairy products such as milk and creams
    • Fruit juices
    • Sake, tea, wine and health drinks
    • Dry and frozen food packaging
    • Non-beverage uses such as candy, sugar and pasta salads
    • Outdoor displays and signage

    Specifications (Units)

    Caliper Mils .024
    Basis Weight lbs/3msf 270
    Brightness ISO 80
    b* Color (Cream Shade) Spectro 5.6
    Smoothness Sheffield 270
    24 hr 1% LA Ewick g/100" 1.5
    Plybond lbs/in² 60
    Stiffness - GM* Taber g-cm 332
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